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Inspection Trip

North Cyprus Property Inspection Trip

A word of Caution on Inspection Trips to North Cyprus

Estate agents and developers around the world offer inspection trips; this is how most of them work. You will be invited to come out on an inspection trip normally over a weekend, you will arrive on a Friday, and be put up in a hotel. On Saturday you will see the selected properties that the estate agent or developer wants to sell, usually because they get a higher commission for selling certain properties. Saturday evening you will be taken out and on Sunday with all other estate agents offices closed you may be allowed some free time. You will return home either on the Sunday or the Monday morning. In effect you have been kidnapped by the estate agent during your time on the inspection trip. You would never dream of doing this when you buy a property in the UK so why do it in Cyprus?

 In contrast we are pleased to offer you the following viewing trip to North Cyprus…..

We have what we consider to be the most friendly and economical viewing trip of any company dealing with property in North Cyprus. We also have the widest selection of properties compared to any North Cyprus Estate Agent.

•    We will arrange pick up and drop off for you from either Larnaca airport or Ercan airport

•    We will arrange a hotel or the use of an apartment  for you 

•    We can advise you on the most economical way to book your flights.

•    During your viewing trip you will see a wide selection of properties in your price range that meet your requirements.

•    You will also have the time to explore North Cyprus either with one of our staff or on your own, it’s your choice.

•    If you decide to buy a property anywhere in North Cyprus we will refund you between £250 to £1,000 of the cost of your trip, depending on the value of the property you buy.
The important aspects of this viewing trip are that no pressure will be put on you to buy and that at the end of the trip you will have a good working knowledge of the areas of North Cyprus and the property market.

But if you decide not to buy:

You would have had the benefit of a comprehensive and well organised property viewing trip. This will allow you to make the correct decision with regards to whether or not to buy property in North Cyprus and if so to make sure you buy the right property to suit your lifestyle. We are not expecting everyone who comes on our viewing trip to buy property. There will be no pressure on you to buy.

If you would like us to arrange a viewing trip for you please contact us on

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